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Worldwide-loved apps
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Over 2 million users in more than 50 countries

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What We Do

We identify unexplored opportunities within the AI app industry and leverage them by employing a well-established business strategy. Appway, driven by a data-centric approach to product management, delivers exceptional user experiences tailored to consumer behavior, setting new standards in the process.


We Develop AI-Powered Apps

We transform bold ideas into agile products, spanning from concept to market expansion. With over 2 million downloads and thousands of active subscribers, Appway's wide-ranging expertise extends across diverse categories, with a primary focus on AI-powered apps.

We invest in R&D

We commit to R&D operations to guarantee the technological excellence within our apps. By remaining at the forefront of technology through strategic investments in research and development, we deliver groundbreaking applications that set industry standards.


What is AI?

Our apps' true magic, our secret sauce. We harness cutting-edge AI technologies to provide unparalleled user experiences finely tuned to consumer behavior. As Appway, we are dedicated to leading the way in the realm of AI-supported mobile apps.

Diffusion Models

We specialize in refining advanced AI models, like generative diffusion models from open source, unlocking image editing potential in pre-trained diffusion model spaces, empowering Suret.

Large Language Models

We predominantly utilize the Chat-GPT API to drive our applications, such as ChatAI. Additionally, we engage in model refinement to adapt them precisely for specific use cases and requirements.

Our Products

Appway's mission is to lead the mobile AI app arena, creating cutting-edge applications that deliver exceptional user experiences and reach millions globally. Our unwavering dedication to AI-driven innovation is paralleled by our commitment to understanding users' needs, enabling continuous app evolution for maximum engagement.


What Are We Good At?

Appway has showcased excellence across various domains, including marketing, product management, and culture, contributing to the recent advancements in global standards.

Right Team

Expanding globally demands passion, focus, and an exceptional team. Appway's talent attraction prowess was apparent from the beginning. Our capacity to cultivate a robust work atmosphere through a distinctive corporate culture allowed us to both acquire and retain high-caliber employees. This accomplishment directly aligns with our vision of establishing the finest possible workplace for individuals driven to take ownership of their roles.


Correct mindset

Dream, design, code, repeat—our motto. Measurement comes before action. We embrace the code way, guided by data-driven roadmaps. Our process: collaborative ideation, rigorous testing, rapid iteration. We validate hypotheses through user testing, swiftly deliver MVPs, conduct extensive A/B tests, and base decisions on data. Our mission: reduce risk and maximize learning.

Appropriate resources

Success delivery hinges on an extensive resource network. We possess the necessary fuel to pursue our long-term aspirations for many years to come. Our strengths extend beyond great teams, encompassing capabilities in performance marketing, branding, communication, and business intelligence. We benefit from global market insights, cutting-edge tools, and worldwide expertise, primarily due to our unique partnerships and valued shareholders.


An excellent workplace

We cultivate an unparalleled company culture centered on people. Our commitment revolves around forging an inclusive work environment and lifestyle that not only drives success but also nurtures a deep sense of belonging for every Appway member.

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