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Terms of Use and End User License Agreement

Last updated: September 2023


This document, titled the Terms of Use and Software License Agreement (“Contract”), along with any referenced materials, solidifies a binding legal understanding between you, the individual or entity (“user”, “you”, or “your”), and XRLab (“our”, “we”, or “us”), regarding your navigation and interaction on our online domain, (henceforth, the “Platform”).

Every material linked or associated with the Platform is implicitly encompassed by this Contract.

Prior to accessing the Platform, understanding this Contract is crucial. Engaging with the Platform signifies your acceptance of all stipulations within this Contract.

Should you disagree with any portion of this Contract, you are hereby denied access to the Platform and are advised to cease any ongoing interactions immediately.


We possess the right, based on our discretion, to alter or refine this Contract at any given moment and for any rationale. We will inform you about modifications by renewing the Contract. You relinquish any privilege to explicit alerts about these alterations. Keeping abreast with this Contract and its potential changes is your duty. Persisting in utilizing the Platform after modifications implies your concurrence with the amended stipulations.


To navigate or employ the Platform, one must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Those under 18 require the endorsement and oversight of a parent or guardian. If you're aged between thirteen (13) and seventeen (17), it's crucial that your guardian or parent comprehends and consents to this Contract prior to your Platform use.

Individuals younger than thirteen (13) are strictly discouraged from accessing the Platform.

By interacting with our Platform, you verify either being above eighteen (18) or having garnered the requisite approvals from a guardian or parent.


Our Platform is curated mainly for informative purposes and is meant strictly for your private, non-commercial use. Any illicit, unauthorized, or improper use of the Platform is strictly prohibited.


Preserving your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We've thus devised a Privacy Policy elucidating our data handling, storage, and utilization practices. Your engagement with the Platform is governed by this Privacy Policy. By navigating or using the Platform, you're considered to have accepted its terms. We may occasionally make changes to the Privacy Policy. In case of disagreement with any segment of the Privacy Policy, you should cease all interactions with the Platform immediately.


Interacting with our Platform means you agree to honor our intellectual assets (covering the Platform’s design, visual appeal, content, trademarks, and copyrights, termed “Intellectual Property Rights”) and those of third parties.

As you continue your interaction, we provisionally grant you a restricted, non-commercial, non-transferable, revocable right to access our Platform as per this Contract (the “License”).

Our Platform should be employed solely for personal purposes. Respecting copyrighted content is imperative; for instance, selling images from the Platform is prohibited.

The underlying code, visual elements, and content, including photos, graphics, audio, and video (“works”), along with names, logos, and trademarks (“unique identifiers”) are safeguarded by copyright and other applicable laws. They belong to us, our partners, or affiliated third parties.

Such works and unique identifiers must not be duplicated, broadcasted, sold, or circulated in any form without explicit permissions from us, our partners, or affiliated third parties.

All rights, ownership, and interest in the Platform, its content, functionalities, works, and unique identifiers (1) remain the exclusive property of XRLab Inc., our partners, or affiliated third parties, (2) are protected by national and international legal provisions, and (3) are never, in any context, transferred or assigned to you as part of this License.

We will act decisively against unauthorized usage of our trademarks, logos, or symbols to ensure our rights are upheld. All rights not explicitly mentioned here remain reserved. Other products and company names on the Platform might also be trademarks of their respective owners.


You commit to not employ the Platform in manners that:

– Violate laws or are unauthorized;

– Defame or slander others;

– Are obscene or derogatory;

– Infringe upon someone else's copyright, database, or trademark rights;

– Encourage or aid in any unlawful activities, like copyright breaches or unauthorized computer access.

You shall not alter, decode, disassemble, or create derivative content from the Platform or any associated documentation.

The Platform or its associated documentation should not be transferred, leased, rented, distributed, or used to serve third parties in any manner.

Abusing any trademarks or content on the Platform is forbidden.

Direct or indirect violations of our Intellectual Property Rights, including copying, duplicating, or using content from the Platform, are prohibited.

Additionally, any malicious intentions or attempts to harm the Platform are strictly forbidden.

We aren't accountable for how you choose to employ the Platform.

It's clarified that any breaches of this Contract may lead to us taking legal measures, as per applicable laws.

All disputes from Platform usage are governed by the laws of the United States and fall under the jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi's competent courts.


To employ the Platform, a compatible device (PC, mobile, or tablet) and internet connectivity are required.

We don't guarantee compatibility of the Platform with every hardware or software you may use.

We don't guarantee continuous, timely, or error-free access to the Platform.

Given that the Platform is internet-based, external factors might affect its quality and availability, which are beyond our control.

We might introduce new functionalities, alter, update, or modify the Platform or its descriptions without prior notification. If needed, we might also suspend or indefinitely halt access to the Platform.

You also guarantee that any information provided to us via the Platform is accurate and truthful.

If you choose to discontinue the Platform for any reason, it's imperative to stop all interactions immediately.


Certain services or features on the Apps showcased on the Platform might necessitate paid subscriptions. Details about Premium options and pricing are available on the corresponding App’s page on AppStore or Google Play. A free trial period for Premium features might be available, as showcased on the signup screen. Post the trial's expiry, a recurring subscription begins. Ensure you cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the trial's end to avoid automatic charges. On cancellation, basic App functionalities remain accessible.

Subscriptions with trials auto-renew to paid versions. Unused trial durations are forfeited upon purchasing a subscription. We might alter or terminate our subscription offers anytime.

Your subscription auto-renews 24 hours before its end. This option can be managed or turned off in your Apple ID/Google Play settings 24 hours before the current period's end. Charges apply to your Apple ID/Google Play Account upon purchase confirmation. Current subscriptions cannot be canceled during their active period. Subscription management is your responsibility. Kindly note, uninstalling the App doesn’t deactivate its subscription.


Our Platform might direct you to other sites or third-party resources. We don’t exercise control over these external entities and aren’t responsible for their content. These third-party sites are provided for convenience, without any guarantees.

You bear all risks associated with the use of third-party sites or resources.

Queries, concerns, or complaints about third-party sites should be directed to their respective operators.


Using our Platform is solely at your risk. All services and materials are provided "as is" and "as available". We don't offer any explicit or implicit guarantees regarding the Platform's suitability, compatibility, or fitness for specific purposes. We don’t guarantee uninterrupted, error-free, or virus-free services.


We won't be liable for direct or indirect damages arising from the use of the Platform. We're not liable for any consequential, incidental, or special damages, including profit losses. We're not responsible for damages related to third-party services accessed via our Platform. We're not accountable for legal actions tied to your use of the Platform, domestically or internationally.

  • Users must commit to abiding by the regulations and laws of the United Arab Emirates. This includes, but is not limited to, adhering to stipulations set out by the UAE's cybercrime laws. Actions that involve hate speech, defamation, or unauthorized access to digital systems will be deemed a breach of this contract.

  • Respect for privacy and personal data is paramount. Users should operate within the confines of the UAE's data protection regulations. The unauthorized sharing, distribution, or misuse of personal data is strictly prohibited and might lead to legal repercussions.

  • Users must not engage in or promote any activities that contravene the trade and economic sanctions set by the UAE. This includes any interactions with entities or individuals that are explicitly prohibited by UAE law.


This Contract is governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

We don’t guarantee the Platform's appropriateness or availability outside the UAE. If you access from outside the UAE, you're responsible for ensuring legality and adhering to local laws.

All claims will be settled by Abu Dhabi's competent courts. Class actions are waived.

In case of disputes, both parties will attempt resolution through dialogue for sixty (60) days after notifying each other.


We can terminate this Contract anytime at our discretion.

Post-termination, your access rights cease, and you must discontinue all Platform interactions.


If any Contract provision becomes illegal or unenforceable, it will be redefined to make it legal and enforceable, or it will be removed. The Contract's remaining parts will stay in effect.

Contractual assignments or transfers to other parties by you are prohibited.


For inquiries or feedback, use the “Communicate” option on our Platform or email

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© 2024 XRLab FZ-LLC. All rights reserved.

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